Categories vs Tags – Organize Your WordPress Content

WordPress categories and tags are a way to add an organizational structure to your WordPress posts.

In this article, we’ll show you what are categories and tags and how you can sort content in WordPress.

Organize WordPress with Tags & Categories

WordPress Categories

WordPress categories are basic ways for you to organize your posts into different categories, such as topics.

For example, when writing a post, think of the wider topic of the post. If you plan to write more posts about this topic in the future, you’ll probably want to group these posts together.

From the post editor page, find the Categories box.

Adding a New Category

If you don’t have any categories yet, click the + Add new category link. Add a new category and click Add new category. You’ll then see your new category has been added to the list of categories.

To assign a category to a post, click the checkbox next to the category.

Another way to manage post categories is through the Posts » Categories link in the WordPress Dashboard navigation menu. Clicking the Categories link will display the Categories page. From here, you can see all your categories on the right, and where to add new ones.

Category Slug

The Category Slug is the URL-friendly version of the category. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.

Category Hierarchies

Categories, unlike tags, can be nested into hierarchies. For example, you might have a WordPress category, and under that have children categories for Themes and Plugins as an example.

Category Description

A description section is a place for you to add more details about the posts assigned to that category. Some WordPress themes may show this information.

WordPress Categories vs Tags

What’s the difference between categories and tags? Think of your site as a book. Categories are like the Table of Contents and tags are like the terms in the index.

Tags are generally used to describe your post in more detail.

We hope this article helped you learn how to sort content in WordPress using categories & tags.

Have you had any difficulty identifying categories over tags? Share with us your experience in the comment below.

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