WordPress Helpdesk Plugins (WSDesk vs Awesome Support vs WP Support Plus)

//WordPress Helpdesk Plugins (WSDesk vs Awesome Support vs WP Support Plus)

WordPress Helpdesk

Confused about choosing the right plugin for your WordPress Helpdesk?

This article guides you to choose the right Helpdesk WordPress plugin (WSDesk vs Awesome Support vs WP Support Plus).

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WSDesk vs Awesome Support vs WP Support Plus

Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of each plugin as well as its features. You can match those with your requirements to buy the best plugin that suits your needs.


WSDesk is one of the best WordPress Helpdesk plugins which provides a lot of premium features in the basic version itself. It has also got a good customer satisfaction as it is a much effective plugin for the amount you pay.


  • Since WSDesk uses AJAX-based design, you don’t have to compromise on the website performance.
  • The free version includes features like Agent reports, customizable ticket fields, import Zendesk tickets, Email piping and lot more. To see the full list of features in free version click here.
  • Provides advanced Automation with highly customizable Triggers.
  • Best in integration with the knowledge base.
  • Stores and displays the reports and performance of each and every agents.
  • Autosuggestion feature.


  • Lacks in integration with other extensions since it is new to the market.

The premium version of WSDesk comes with a bundle of interesting features. To enjoy all the premium features buy WSDesk site license here.

Awesome Support WordPress Plugin

Awesome support is one of the features rich support plugins for WordPress.


  • Has features like Email notifications, restricted access, file upload etc…
  • Has been on the market for long.
  • Compatibility with other extensions.


  • Priced high-most popular pro version of Awesome Support costs $229.
  • Lacks in many helpful features like Autosuggestion.
  • Absence of Ajax-based design thus impacts website speed.
  • No proper review system of the customers.
  • Knowledge base only contains topics under FAQ section.

WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System Plugin

WP Support plus is one of the WordPress plugins with a lot of features.


  • Option to add Skype ID.
  • Customization options.
  • Ticket filtering on the front end.
  • Customer being able to assign tickets.
  • Customer can add CC and BCC while replying to tickets.


  • Complicated interface which makes it harder for beginners to use.
  • Bundled up with features that are not really necessary for a support plugin.
  • Cannot import Zendesk tickets.
  • Most of the advanced features are available as add-ons.
  • Does not have an option to determine how satisfied are the customers with your support agents.
WordPress Helpdesk Plugins

WSDesk vs Awesome support vs WP support plus

Choosing The Best Helpdesk Plugin for WordPress

Hope you have already gone through the pros and cons that are mentioned above. Every plugin has its own pros and cons and nothing is 100% perfect. To choose the best plugin for you among the three let us consider the factors like Ease of use, Performance, Features, Cost-effectiveness etc…

Based on Features and Ease of use

All these plugins come with a lot of features. Moreover, it’s not the number of features that decides the best plugin. The features should be useful and relevant for a support helpdesk. In that case, WSDesk surely wins the race. It has got a bunch of interesting features that make your support system less complicated and more useful.

Based on Performance

Considering the performance factor, since both WSDesk and WP Support plus uses an AJAX-based design you don’t need to compromise on your website performance. Awesome support cannot ensure you the website performance since it doesn’t use an AJAX-based design.

Based on Cost-effectiveness

Now comes the major factor, Cost-effectiveness. It is not all about how cheap the plugin is, it is all about how efficient is the plugin for that price range. In that case, WSDesk does a much better job compared to its competitors. Considering the level of automation and reports present in WSDesk, $89 for WSDesk sounds highly reasonable. In WP Support plus, most of the advanced features are available as add-ons, which are available at $49 for 1 site.


So, the final verdict is all yours. Compare all these points with your requirements and choose the best plugin which gives you the best value for what you pay.

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Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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