5 Best Two-Factor Authentication Plugins for WordPress

Is WordPress Secure?

Here at WPMakeSite, I always get this kind of question from my readers.

WordPress core is without a doubt one of the most secure platforms for building a website.

However, for most beginners, WordPress security is now a major concern.

In fact, a total of 8,900 WordPress websites had been hacked based on Sucuri’s website hacked trend report for the first quarter of 2016. This is due to improper deployment, configuration, and overall maintenance of once site.

But don’t worry, today, you are going to know about few WordPress two-factor authentication plugins which can help add an extra layer of security to your WordPress website or blog.

Let’s get started.

Best WordPress Two-Factor Authentication on WPMakeSite

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

According to Techopedia, two-factor authentication(a.k.a 2FA) is a security mechanism that requires two types of credentials for authentication and is designed to provide an additional layer of validation, minimizing security breaches.

In WordPress, typically you have to provide your username and password in order to log in. Moreover, with the 2-factor authentication enable, you are required to pass another authentication before you can get access to the site.

The Best Two-factor Authentication WordPress Plugins

WordPress two-factor authentication is essential for your WordPress website or blog. It helps you add another layer of security to keep your site secure from hackers.

Here’s the list of free two-factor authentication plugin which you can download from WordPress repository or via Plugins » Add New in the admin area.

1. Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator Two-Factor Authentication Plugin on WPMakeSite
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One of the best ways to add a 2-factor authentication in WordPress is by using Google Authenticator plugin.

This plugin gives you two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator app for your iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices.

In some cases, if you need to maintain your blog using an Android/iPhone app, or any other software using the XMLRPC interface, then this plugin is all you need. All you have to do is enable the App password feature in this plugin.

2. Two-Factor Authentication By Mini Orange

Two-Factor Authentication Plugin By Mini Orange on WPMakeSite

Two-Factor Authentication by miniOrange is the most advanced two-factor WordPress plugin that you can use for free. It takes proactive measurements against possible problems and provides multiple backup solutions to help users in desperate times.

Using this plugin, admins as well as users can avail the two-factor login facility, configure their own two-factor login options, and can login to your WordPress using their respective combinations.

The plugin support two-factor using SMS, OTP over email, soft token, QR code, push notification to authenticate login.

We prefer to use OTP over email, which sends a message to your email allowing you to approve or deny a login request.

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3. Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo Two-Factor Authentication Plugin on WPMakeSite

Another good way to add an extra layer of login security to your WordPress site is using Duo two-factor authentication plugin.

This plugin requires you to create an account to obtain security keys. Once activated, the next time you log into your site, you will be directed to another login page and choose different ways to authenticate login.

It includes one-time passcodes via SMS, phone callback to a mobile, and one-time passcodes generated by an OATH-compliant hardware token.

This is a great plugin/app for security and definitely worth trying out.

4. Authy Two Factor Authentication

Authy Two Factor Authentication Plugin on WPMakeSite

Authy offers a quick and easy way to add 2-step authentication to your WordPress blog or site.

Install and activate the plugin, then install the Authy smartphone app and sign up for an Authy account. You may need to enter the API key from your account and choose which roles you would like the authentication to apply.

Once cell phone numbers are set up, you’ll receive a token via text when you attempt to login to your site. If you entered it correctly, you can successfully log in.

5. Rublon Two-Factor Authentication

Rublon Two-Factor Authentication Plugin on WPMakeSite
Rublon Two-Factor Authentication works by letting you first confirm your identity on a device. After that, when you log in from the same device using the same browser, you just need to use your WordPress credentials, that is, no further step is involved. However, for each new device, you need to either rely on the email link or use the Rublon mobile app.

The last in our list is by using the Rublon Two-Factor Authentication plugin. The plugins work by letting you first confirm your identity on a device. Then, the next time you log in from the same device, you just need to use your WordPress credentials like you normally do.

No further authentication required!

However, for each new device, you need to either use email link or use the Rublon mobile app.


Enabling two-factor authentication is just one of the many ways securing your WordPress website or blog.

In my previous post, I mentioned few WordPress security tips to help keep your site from getting hacked.

As a site owner, I recommend taking every possible step to add one more layer of security on your site.

Have you tried any of above two-step authentication on your site? Let me know your experience in the comment section below.

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